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“Learning is a lifelong mission. I strive to learn something new everyday so that I can empower my patients with the knowledge they need to take charge of their health. It is important for me to listen to my patients so that I know how to treat them and provide the hope and comfort that they need.”

Ghassan Noureddine, MD is originally from Beirut, Lebanon. He graduated from the American University of Beirut in 1990. His Internship and Residency in Internal Medicine was completed at Johns Hopkins University. His Allergy and Immunology fellowship was completed at Johns Hopkins University. He went on to complete his Pulmonary and Critical Care fellowship at Baylor College of Medicine.

He conducted clinical research at John Hopkins University and Baylor College of Medicine and had several of his articles published, listed below. 

• Nasal Antigen Challenge in Asthmatics: Effects of Cortisone on Nasal and Pulmonary Response, in 1994.  
• Effects of Breathing at High Lung Volumes on Lung Elastic Recoil, in 1996. 
• Nedocromil Sodium Worsens Ozone – Induced Lung Function Changes in Health Non-Smoking Subjects, in 1996. 
• A Method to Improve Safety in Performing Inhaled Antigen Provocation Using Skin Test Titration, in 1997.

Dr. Noureddine has his practice the Lung & Asthma Clinic in the heart of the Texas Medical Center in Houston, TX since 1998.

He was elected the Chief of Pulmonary Medicine at The Methodist Hospital in 2015 and was recognized as an Outstanding Clinical Faculty by Baylor College of Medicine in 2005.

In his spare time, he enjoys swimming, cooking, traveling, dancing and makes a habit of biking daily.

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